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What we do

At Trillium Montessori School, we focus on key developmental stages, ensure learning is tailored and encourage independence.

Our curriculum believes in utilising key developmental seasons. As recognised by Dr Maria Montessori, children under the age of 3, absorb information without making a conscious effort i.e. by observing and repeating what they see. Children from 3-6 years old, move into a more conscious stage of development where information and learning is sought out in order to expand pre-existing knowledge. Dr Montessori emphasised a child’s ability to absorb large amounts of information. At Trillium Montessori School, we support this ability with a rich learning environment alongside the dedicated care of our teachers.

At Trillium Montessori School, learning is child-centred, following the interests of each akonga/student. We support children as they learn at their own pace, whilst promoting their natural desire to learn. We use an approach that nurtures the development of the whole child – physical, social, cognitive and emotional.

Our classroom is prepared in a way that maximises independent learning and exploration. They are given the freedom to explore their indoor and outdoor surroundings, as well as the activities they choose day-to-day. This method of education enhances their confidence and self-discipline as they become active agents to their learning.